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Imagine, if you will, wormholes exist on the earth, allowing travel from New York to London with just a simple step.  Crucial supplies can be transported from the Amazon to Washington without dangerous travel.  Nebraska to Africa without lengthy and costly transportation.  Would we use this “gift” for the benefit of humanity or sell it off to the highest bidder?

Aloysius Driver finds these portals, he is not only good at it, he is the best; it has made him a very wealthy man.  Aloysius Driver has a dark history, one that constantly haunts him.  He drives this story, I want to know what happened to him…I need to know what will happen to him.

Edward Crichton has pulled me into this world of wormholes.  With only two characters, I was captivated by their personalities and their motivations.  Typically, I find short stories lacking, not providing me enough time to learn about the characters.  But Along the Path of Darkness left me wanting more.

I would prefer not to spoil the story, but Edward Crichton has done a great job in taking his time in introducing the reader to Driver.  You get a little taste of who he is, and then the action kicks into gear.

Along the Path of Darkness is a fantastic start to what I hope will be an ongoing series.  There is so much more to tell, the author could backfill or move forward.  My interest has been caught!  And who exactly is the mysterious Coretta Keyes?

*4.5 Stars

Along the Path of Darkness

By Edward Crichton