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Requiem is the riveting conclusion to the story that began in Reverie and Rhapsody.  This series needs to be read in order to ensure a complete understanding of the characters and an overall enjoyment of the story.  I’ve been a fan of this series since the beginning, and reaching the end is somewhat bittersweet.  Once you get to the final book in a series, you feel as though you know the characters, you’ve become invested in the story and their lives.  Not only is there great anticipation to delve back into the story, but also a hint of trepidation as to how it will all come to an end.  Being invested in the characters, I wanted nothing more than to see them get their just rewards and to feel a sense of satisfaction with the conclusion.  Lauren E. Rico did not disappoint, in fact, she went above and beyond what I had hoped for.

Once again, Lauren E. Rico’s passion for classical music shines throughout the book’s entirety.  Her descriptions of the classical pieces and the techniques by which the instruments were played gave life to the words on the page.  I could visualize every movement, sound, and emotion as if I were sitting in the theater witnessing it myself.  I had to give kudos to the author’s musical knowledge, but don’t be fooled, this book is a twisted, sinister, psychological thriller that will keep you up at night.

Requiem was every bit of the edge-of-your-seat, gripping, pulse-pounding book that the previous books were – perhaps, more so.  The book was told from the alternating perspectives of the main characters.  This really allows the reader to get inside the thoughts, feelings, and motivations of the characters.  This is an essential aspect in truly understanding the level of good and evil that is at play in this book.

Just when I thought that the villain’s behavior couldn’t get any more nefarious, vicious, or heinous, the author proved just how wrong I could be.  She has definitely created the perfect monster (and he would be narcissistic enough to agree with that statement).  He’s one of the most manipulative, scheming, diabolical, ruthless, heartless characters that I’ve had the pleasure of reading.  Yes, I said “pleasure”, because as much as I hated him, I loved hating him.  His appalling actions kept me glued to the pages, wondering what he was going to do next. 

Requiem was a fast-paced read that was, in my opinion, the perfect conclusion to the series.  There was no stone left unturned.  I felt as though I had a better knowledge of the characters and their family dynamics.  I usually like to try to figure out how a book is going to end.  I thought that I had everything all figured out.  I could almost see it all playing out, but I was wrong.  The author shocked me.  I love it when that happens!  The ending of the book left me completely satisfied, shocked, and chilled to the bone.

Bravo, Ms. Rico, you hit this book/series out of the park!

*5 Thrilling Stars!

(Reverie #3) 
By Lauren E. Rico

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