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(Reverie #2) 
By Lauren E. Rico

I couldn’t wait to get back inside the twisted, nerve-racking, thrilling, and romantic (yes, there is romance) world that Lauren E. Rico has created.  Rhapsody is the continuation of the story that began in Reverie.  If you haven’t read Reverie yet, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy – you won’t want to put it down.

It’s always challenging to write a review for a book within a series.  I don’t want to divulge too many details that will spoil the first or second book in the series for potential readers.  Well, I actually do want to tell everyone about every detail and scene in this book.  I would like nothing more than to shout out my feelings from the rooftop, but I’m not going to do it. 

Rhapsody is told from the perspective of multiple characters.  I always enjoy a book that gives a voice to more than one character.  It provides the reader with an insight into the mindset and personalities of the characters.  This is a very important feature for a book like RhapsodyRhapsody takes the reader on a psychological thrill ride into the lives of classical musicians and their interactions and relationships with a talented, handsome, narcissistic and nefarious man who is devoid of empathy. Reading the story as it unfolds from their individual perspectives only makes the story that much more intriguing. It enabled me to see one particular character in a new light, giving me a better understanding of his true nature.

Rhapsody is a fast paced read that kept my interest from beginning to end.  I was easily transported back into the lives of these fascinating characters, not wanting to stop reading even when real life was calling. 

As someone who enjoys reading before bedtime, I can honestly say that I shouldn’t have read Rhapsody  before getting some much needed sleep.  When I reluctantly turned off my e-reader, I fell asleep and had a nightmare where I was fighting off a main character from the book.  I woke myself up thrashing around and trying to shake my husband’s arms off of me.  If that isn’t a true testament to the intensity of the story and the author’s writing ability, I don’t know what is. 

Rhapsody kept me on the edge of my seat, immersing me in the lives of the characters and the story.  I don’t usually read the teaser excerpts for the next book in a series, but I couldn’t help but be curious to read the beginning of Requiem.  Jaw-dropping!  Out of concern for my husband’s safety, I will not be reading Requiem at night!  ;)

*5 Stars

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