Undeclared was one of my most anticipated reads for 2017.  I adored the writing style, characters, and humor that made Undecided one of my favorite books of 2016, and I could not wait to delve into this one.  Julianna Keyes did not disappoint.  This book was everything that I was hoping it would be.  It brought me back to the campus with that familiar cast of characters that I enjoyed so much.  It was brimming with all the humor, tension, and chemistry that makes the New Adult genre so irresistible.   

If you’ve read Undecided, you are already acquainted with Kellan McVey.  This book is written entirely from his point of view.  Julianna Keyes did a fantastic job of channeling a college-aged young man.  I felt as though I was right there with him and his group of friends, experiencing all of the high jinks and tribulations that accompanied them.

Kellan is the campus ladies’ man, a player, an athlete.  He has made quite the reputation for himself; a reputation that he had basked in during his first couple of years at Burnham College.  During Kellan’s second year, his…ahem…activities caught up with him in the worst possible way and, well, it proved to him that there were consequences to his actions.  Kellan was determined to become a better version of himself.  He was going to be a more responsible student, a new and improved Kellan, or Kellan 2.0, as he liked to call it.

I loved witnessing Kellan’s attempts at changing himself.  His good looks and charm helped him along in his quest to be Mr. Popular in college, but he wasn’t a bad guy.  He was a loyal, caring, thoughtful friend.  Yes, he sometimes came across as shallow and oblivious to the feelings of others.  Yes, he had made some bad choices and decisions.  He was a young guy away from home trying to live his college days to the fullest.  But college is a learning experience in more ways than just inside the classrooms and auditoriums.  Kellan was learning that he had to change his ways, reinvent himself, to be true to himself and not be the version that all of his peers expected him to be. 

If anyone could handle Kellan, it was Andi.  She had been his friend and neighbor since they were children.  She had the advantage of knowing the person that he was before going off to college.  She knew the boy that she played with, the boy that she fought with, the boy that always had a piece of her heart but who never returned her affection.  She had loved him for years, but now she was ready to live her life to the fullest as a student at Burnham.  Oh, the chemistry between Kellan and Andi was intense.  Their relationship was nothing short of complicated, and they were both harboring hard feelings toward the other.

Julianna Keyes has created a phenomenal cast of characters that I couldn’t help but be invested in.  Her clever, witty writing and storytelling ability just hit all the marks for me.  The dialogue and banter was second to none.  I think that I read the majority of the book with a grin on face.  I was reading, laughing, and highlighting dozens of passages so that I could read them to my husband.  It was a fast-paced read that kept me highly entertained and glued to the pages.  Undeclared was everything that a book in this genre should be.  I couldn’t have asked for a better book for Kellan.  I loved every single minute that I spent reading it!

*5 Stars

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(Burnham College, #2)
By Julianna Keyes