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Thoughtful was one of my most highly anticipated reads of 2015.   I absolutely adored Thoughtless – even in all of its painful, angsty, heart-aching, scream-worthy moments…I loved it!  It had the love triangle of all love triangles that played with my heart and emotions from start to finish.  It also happened to have the absolute best book boyfriend – EVER!  Kellan Kyle.  Need I say more?!  Thoughtful is told from Kellan’s point of view.  Even though it follows the same story as in Thoughtless, it provides the reader with a window into the mind and heart of this tormented, love struck rock star.

As someone who has read Thoughtless…a few times…I knew the story very well, but I was more than excited to read it from Kellan’s perspective.  It shed a lot of light on things that occurred in the first book that we didn’t really find out about.   We already knew that Kellan didn’t have a happy childhood, but the details of his horrific family life were described to a greater extent.  He never felt loved, cherished, or wanted.  He always felt worthless.  He craved human connection that he only ever seemed to get from bedding countless women.  But he knew that this was only a temporary feeling, one that would leave him empty soon after the random hook-up vacated his bed.  Women just wanted to be with him because he was the local rock star.  Kellan wanted more, but never really realized how badly he wanted it until Denny and Kiera moved in with him.  They had the kind of relationship that he could only dream of.

Kellan’s inner dialogue was heartbreaking.  He was insecure, needy, and emotionally spent. He relived a lot of painful moments from his past that made me ache for him.  I really enjoyed reading about what he thought of Kiera from the first moment he had laid eyes on her at Pete’s to when he started to develop deeper feelings for her.  Their relationship was anything but ideal.  She was his best friend’s girl.  She was supposed to be off limits – Denny made that perfectly clear.  But Kellan was falling in love with her, and she was falling for him too.  The tension, the intensity, the chemistry, the angst was all still there in spades.  Even though I knew how their story would end, it still elicited the same amount of feelings and butterflies in my heart and stomach that I felt when I read Thoughtless for the first time.

I didn’t think that it was possible to love Kellan any more than I already did, but S.C Stephens made me fall even harder for him.  The love story is messy, complicated and flawed.  Kellan doesn’t always do the right things.  He is in love with someone who is already in a relationship, he is moody, and he wants to be the right man for her.  He just wants her.  For once, he wants to be the better man, he wants to be loved.  How could anyone not love him?!

Thoughtful is a perfect addition to an already fantastic series.  Of course, I also enjoyed reading about his fellow D-Bags. This talented, zany group of musicians proved to be more of a family to him than his own parents. Yeah, there’s even a few touching D-Bag moments too!  I couldn’t have asked for a better story written from Kellan’s perspective.  This book and this whole series is one of my all-time favorites!  I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind a bit of pain mixed in with all of the love.

*5 Fantastic Stars*

(Thoughtless Series)
By S.C. Stephens