2 Book Lovers Reviews

This has to be one of my favorite series – EVER! The author does an amazing job of making the characters in this series seem so real. They are normal and they are flawed. It is so easy get caught

up in the characters' emotions right along with them. Fabulous!!!

Thoughtless is the first book in the series. It begins with Denny and Kiera, who have been going out together for a couple of years. Denny gets a job offer in Seattle that is an amazing opportunity for him. Kiera is still in university, but applies for a transfer to a university in Seattle to be closer to Denny. The couple venture off together halfway across the country to begin their new lives together-just the two of them.

Denny finds a place for them to live in Seattle, with an old friend of his. They move into the friend’s house and quickly make a routine for themselves in this new city. Kiera starts a new job at a local bar where her roommate performs with his band on the weekends. After a few weeks, a work obligation requires that Denny leave town for a few weeks and Kiera is upset. She left her family to move to Seattle with him and now he is just leaving her alone. Denny feels horrible about leaving her and promises that he will be back as soon as his project is finished. She tries to be mature and support him in his career aspirations, but she is afraid of how much she will miss him.

Kellan Kyle is the lead singer of the band, The D-Bags. He is gorgeous, sexy as hell, he is very promiscuous…and he is Denny and Kiera’s house mate! He has been very accommodating and friendly since they moved in and tries to occupy Kiera while Denny is gone. He includes her on outings with the band and hangs out with her at home. They spend so much time together that their friendship and feelings grow.

Kellan has a broken past and sleeps with women to compensate. Deep down he would like to have a romantic relationship like Denny and Kiera, and he secretly envies them. When Kiera and Denny talk on the phone one night, he has some pretty big news for her…and it changes everything.

This is the point that emotions run wild! The angst in this book is overwhelming and all-consuming. I cannot adequately express how this book gets you feeling. You will smile, laugh, cry, and want to rip your hair out! This book was absolutely riveting….I loved it!!!

*5 Fantastic Stars!!!!!

 By S.C. Stephens