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I’ve been having a zombtastic time reading the Year of the Zombie books so far this year, and The Yacht by Iain Rob Wright has been no exception.  These monthly shorts are a fun way to get an introduction to a new author or reconnect with one that you’ve read before.  In the case of The Yacht, it was my first dip in the water of an author who has been pumping out books for a few years now.

The Yacht is a killer story.  Iain Rob Wright strung me along throughout the entire story and then smacked me upside the head and yelled – Gotcha!  One of the best feelings, as a reader, is when an author surprises you with a twist that you never anticipated.

Emily Tyler takes us along on this story, and I was pulled right into it.  I felt sorry for her, the way her husband had been treating her, her past relationship.  Sometimes a sympathetic character, like Emily, just deserves a little bit more.  This is how Iain Rob Wright gets you, he pulls the reader in with the bait that Emily is and then you’re caught in his net.

This little short has definitely moved Iain Rob Wright up on my TBR list!

*5 Stars

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The Yacht By Iain Rob Wright