The Walls 

By Hollie Overton

I do this all the time; I find a new book, read the synopsis, grab the book, and finally read it months later, having completely forgotten the synopsis.  The Walls was one such book, however, this created a great reading experience for me.  I went into it not knowing what to expect and I immersed myself in the story.

The Walls started off a bit slow for me.  I didn’t know where Kristy and Lance’s relationship was going to go, how it would evolve or devolve, as the case may be.  I was getting to the point where I was wondering when it was going to pick up the pace, when suddenly, it did.  From there on, things got a whole lot more interesting.  The build-up to that point was drawn out some, but the story needed it.

Kristy is an interesting character with an even more intriguing profession.  Life has handed her boxes of lemons after boxes of lemons; she has done her best to make lemonade.  Hollie Overton created a character that people could connect with.  I like to root for the underdog and I wanted Kristy to find her happy place.

Our villain, Lance, was exceptionally well-crafted – a true Jekyll and Hyde.  Lance has some deep, dark secrets.  I loved to hate him and his methods; Lance has one of those faces you just want to smack.

The Walls covers many sensitive themes, such as the death penalty, spousal abuse, and questions at what point it is justifiable to take another person’s life.  I can’t say that I agree with all of Kristy’s decisions and actions, but I understood her reasons.

In the end, The Walls was a good story that kept me immersed in Kristy’s life.  Hollie Overton created characters that I cared about, I felt involved in their lives.

*4.5 Stars

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