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​​​This book kept a smile on my face from beginning to end.  It was pure enjoyment.  I love a good opposites attract book, and this one just hit all of the marks.  If you’ve read The Opposite of You, then you’ve already met Molly and Ezra, but if you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, no worries, this book can be read as a standalone (The Opposite of You is definitely worth a read, though).

I am a huge fan of the slow burning romance, and Rachel Higginson has delivered this perfectly.  There isn’t an instant relationship or a quick roll in the proverbial hay.  No, the relationship that develops in this book is definitely one that simmers slowly and then builds and intensifies.  In my opinion, that’s the best part of any romance novel.  It’s the anticipation and the build-up that always keeps me glued to the pages.  Throw in the fact that Molly and Ezra didn’t exactly hit it off when they first met and this only adds to the fun.

I loved being inside Molly Maverick’s head.  And seriously, how cool is that name?!  She is quirky, smart, playful, loyal, and absolutely hilarious.  She was relatable, real, and I could picture her easily fitting in to anyone’s group of friends.  Even though many of her good friends are in the culinary world, her talents in the kitchen are…well, slim to none.  But she does have some mad skills when it comes to ordering take-out and pouring cereal.  Oh, yes, she was so relatable!  While she may not be a master at wielding a whisk, she is more than a little talented with a paint brush.  Her creativity is expressed on a canvas and in her graphic design work.

Ezra Baptiste couldn’t be more different from Molly.  He’s a successful businessman whose whole life seems to revolve around his restaurants.  He is buttoned-up, professional, commanding, and shows very little personality in his daily interactions.  But underneath his polished designer looks is a loyal man with a good heart.

I adored the interactions between Molly and Ezra.  He seemed to bring out another side to Molly’s otherwise shy and easygoing demeanor.  She looked forward to bickering and disagreeing with Ezra – and they had some of the best banter that I’ve had the pleasure of reading.  This just added to their overall chemistry. 

The Difference Between Us is just an all-around fantastic read.  I had such a good time losing myself in this story.  It is a fast-paced novel that is brimming with humor, heart, and a slow burning romance that is so worth the wait.

*5 Stars


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The Difference Between Us
By Rachel Higginson