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​Nobody.  I mean nobody does family dysfunction as well as David Moody.  The shit has hit the fan and the world is falling down all around us; leave it to David Moody to make us forget all about that, to watch the train wreck of a nasty divorced couple.

David Moody has put his own little twist on your traditional zombie.  The undead are no longer in a relentless quest for brains; all they really want to do is spread the infection, and one little scratch is all that it takes.

I was immediately pulled into Jody’s world.  A good, frustrated, caring mother on her own with three kids.  I think that we have all had our camping nightmares – tents that fall down, equipment that doesn’t work, then add not one, but three kids to the mix.  Jody had my sympathy even before the first undead stumbled along.  Compound upon that, her ex, Gary, what an ass; somebody needed to smack him.

Scratch is a fantastic, quick story.  It really highlights how people react to each other when all hell breaks loose.

*5 Stars

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By David Moody