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Ride the Serpentine was unlike anything I’ve read before.  It seemed more like a screenplay than a book.  It really gave me the same feeling like I got from The Blair Witch Project.  Descriptions setting the scene with a couple of the guys talking in the background and then the narrator’s voice-over.  Andre Duza created a complete visual to go along with the story.  It was creepy and campy and a novel way to approach the story.

Ride the Serpentine follows the lives of Jules Yeager, James “Holly” Hollister and Graeme “Gramps” Gunz, three rock gods from the eighties as they rock the apocalypse.  Andre Duza did a marvelous job of introducing us to the characters.  The familiarity of the characters - we all had our eighties rock god and these three could be any of them.  They rocked hard, burned out, and when the time was right, reunited for one last tour.  Insert your favorite band.  Serpentine is them, you know them, you love them, they are your new best friends.

Ride the Serpentine was an interesting twist on the zombie apocalypse.  It had its fair share of brain spattering gore, but it delved a bit more into what life could be like for the survivors and how all of this death could mess with your mind, and about what keeps you going once the shit hits the fan.

Andre Duza has created a fabulous compliment to the Year of the Zombie with Ride the Serpentine, adding something completely different but with characters that I already know.  It was a rockin’ good time!

*4.5 Stars

Ride the Serpentine

By Andre Duza