​I will never look at a doll the same way again!  Since I have read books by each of these authors in the past, I was more than a little curious as to what a collaboration between their two twisted and imaginative minds would be like.  They did not disappoint.

Pretty Stolen Dolls is a dark, chilling, suspenseful, twisted story that I read in only two sittings.  This is not a book that will be for everyone.  It deals with some pretty disturbing subject matter and scenes.  But if you enjoy stories that will push your comfort levels and boundaries, take you places that you never thought you would go, then this book is for you.

Jade and Macy were lured away from the life that they knew by Benny, a man who was as charming as he was wicked.  Despite the fear-inducing stories that their father taught them about strangers and monsters, they were still led away to a life of unimaginable pain and terror.  Spending years of their lives under the torturous control of their captor did irrevocable damage to the psyches of these young girls.  Escaping from their living hell seemed like a dream that was slipping out of the realm of possibility, but when the opportunity presented itself, one of them got away.  Despite finding freedom from her captor, she never found the freedom from the horrific memories that he had caused.  She would also stop at nothing to find her sister and finally destroy Benny.

Pretty Stolen Dolls is a fast-paced read that will make you uncomfortable and break your heart.  It is one part abduction story, one part police procedural, and equal parts disturbing.  The authors take you on a journey back to when the girls were abducted, the horrific abuse that they had to endure, and ultimately, on one woman’s quest to seek vengeance.  In addition to that, there’s a budding romance between two damaged souls, a twist that I never saw coming, and an ending that left me hanging on in suspense.

*4 Stars


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Pretty Stolen Dolls 
  By Ker Dukey & K. Webster