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​​​I am always intrigued by a dark twisted crime story.  When Shelley pointed this book out to me, I thought, “Now that sounds like a good one.”  Yes, I knew full well that with Ker Dukey and K. Webster tag teaming in on this story that it was bound to be a bit heavier on the romance side, but hey, I love a great hormance, hell, it can even lean a bit on the horotica side of things.  Shock me, please!

Dukey and Webster did not disappoint with this mind-fuck of a story.  To say that Benny (our villain) is messed up would be a mammoth understatement.  He is exactly what this kind of story needs – a demented, delusional douchebag who never fails to shock and repulse me.  Benny is the ultimate predator.

Pretty Stolen Dolls is a fast-paced, engaging story.  Once it grabbed me it didn’t let go.  It is the type of story that continually pushes your limits, and I was not prepared for the shocking twist.

Jade was an over-the-top character.  As a reader, I had to feel sorry for her; I wanted her to calm the hell down and take her time, but I understood that her history created the person that she became.  I would’ve liked to have seen a bit more development of the supporting cast.  Aside from Benny, the men in Jade’s life seemed a little one-dimensional.  I would like to think that there is more to Bo and Dillon.

I’ve read quite a few horror/thrillers with a touch of romance; Pretty Stolen Dolls made me think that I should read more romance with a touch of horror/thriller.  It’s a big bad world out there.

*4 Stars

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Pretty Stolen Dolls 

By Ker Dukey & K. Webster