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One of Them

By Matt Shaw

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​Monsters!  Matt Shaw doesn’t need no stinkin’ monsters.  One of Them is book eleven in the Year of the Zombie, and guess what…there are no zombies; sure, they are there in the background, we hear about them, we know the world has gone to shit, but Matt Shaw doesn’t need zombies to write a zombie book.

One of Them brings the zombie apocalypse down to the personal level.  It centers around two people, Bob and Andria.  It also makes you contemplate how you would want to ride out the end of the world?

Matt Shaw kicks off One of Them in typical Matt Shaw fashion, with a moment that makes you want to shout, “What?”  He delves into the twisted, deluded minds of his characters.

It’s hard to say anything more without giving too much away.  If you like Matt Shaw’s writing, you’ll like One of Them.  If you find that Matt Shaw pushes your limits and buttons, prepare to have your limits and buttons pushed.

*4 Stars