October is upon us again, the first full month of autumn.  The sun sets earlier, the dead leaves carpet the ground.  It’s easy to see how October and horror go hand in hand; just walking down the street with the empty tree branches creaking in the wind and the cold shiver on your neck, it isn’t difficult to imagine some spirit sneaking up on you.  And with Halloween right around the corner, the monsters will soon take over the neighborhood.

This year I thought it would be

fun to take a look at that all

important part of the horror

story:  The Monster.  Some of

these monsters have been with

us for hundreds, if not

thousands, of years.  Our

monsters have changed over

time, some now sparkle, and

every monster can be used for

a different purpose, and to tell

a different story.  Some

monsters we can only see in

the mirror.

So, I thought it would be fun to take a good long look at “The Monster” this October, what these monsters mean to the authors who use them and why they use their particular monster.  For the Month of Horror I asked 13 authors, “Why (fill in your monster)?”  I hope you enjoy!

October Month of Horror 2015

Introduction and Schedule

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