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​Scott McGlasson has the distinction of winning Infected Books’ Pitch and Page competition.  As the winner, his book, Nock, became book ten in the Year of the Zombie.

It’s a nice idea to think that humanity could survive a full on zombie apocalypse.  There are two trains of thought on this, the old George Romero idea that everybody dies at the end or the belief that we are smarter than them, so we’ll make it through.  Scott McGlasson has gone with the latter.  Sure, it’s a tough world that Stace and her father live in, gone are the many luxuries that we take for granted.  It is a life of hard labor and danger.

Nock was a story that I was able to quickly immerse myself in.  Scott McGlasson made Stace real and tangible.  I wanted to know where her life would go; she was normal despite her circumstances.  Stace had all of the fears, hopes and dreams that anyone would have.

The thing that Scott McGlasson did best was that he made me want more.  Nock was a full, complete story; it lacked nothing…except…I felt like I only got a small morsel of a much larger story.  I want the backstory, to see the early days when it all hit the fan, to see Stace’s early years…and more importantly, where do we go from here.

Scott McGlasson has introduced me to a whole new world that I want to see more of.

*4.5 Stars

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By Scott McGlasson