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This was a fabulous follow-up to I Stand Before You! Thankfully, this book picks right up where the first one left us hanging and wanting more. I was happy that the story was going to continue with Will showing up on Chase’s doorstep. As a reader, I already fell in love with Chase and Kay and their relationship, but I was very curious to learn more about the youngest member of the Gartner family and his relationship with his brother.

Life for the Gartner brothers hasn’t been easy. Their lives did a 360 degree turn when they lost their father. Everything seemed to change for them at that point. Chase made some bad decisions in his life which resulted in him serving four years in prison. Will had always looked up to his older brother, but Chase’s mistakes cost him more than his freedom, it cost him his brother’s respect. Even with Chase’s release, Will was not ready to let his brother back into his life so easily. Their relationship was fractured and strained and this weighed heavily on them both.

When Will shows up at Chase’s house with his girlfriend, Cassie, Chase and Kay are more than a little surprised. Along with Will’s arrival, comes a whole slew of problems that neither Chase nor Kay need at the time. The fact that Will and Cassie ran away from Las Vegas and drove all the way to Harmony Creek is only the tip of the iceberg.

Chase makes every attempt possible to be the big brother that Will needs and deserves. He feels that he has let him down in the past and he wants desperately to re-establish his relationship with him. Of course, this takes time and patience – he is a teenage boy after all! With that being said, Will has more in common with Chase than just genetics. Will meets up with some less than stellar people and decides to numb his pain in a way that is more than familiar to Chase. This puts Chase in the awful predicament of trying to protect his brother from the very people who he is still trying to keep his distance from.

Chase and Kay’s relationship has its struggles, but that’s what makes it realistic. They are both troubled in their own ways, but they have the ability to keep each other grounded and on their feet. For two individuals who seem so different, they fit together perfectly. S.R. Grey delivered a top notch sequel that is brimming with drama and romance. I will definitely be looking forward to the continuation of Chase and Kay’s journey.

5 Stars

Never Doubt Me 

(Judge Me Not #2) 
By S.R. Grey