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Muse of Nightmares

​(Strange the Dreamer #2) 

By Laini Taylor

​No book by my favorite pink-haired author would be complete without cake.  Yes, there is cake in Muse of Nightmares, and that is the last spoiler that you’re going to get from me.

Less than two months ago I finished reading Strange the Dreamer, I was so captivated by this amazing world created by Taylor that I wanted…no, needed to get to the rest of the story.  That in itself tells you how good this series is.

Muse of Nightmares was book perfection.  The main characters enthralled me, the supporting cast filled in every aspect of the story.  There were moments that I had to wonder if this was all part of some master plan or if the author came across a bridge and realized if she changed a certain aspect of a character it would allow her to resolve the problem in the most fantastical way.  Everything flowed seamlessly.

As a non-YA reader, Laini Taylor’s books have become my guilty pleasure.  There is something about the way she puts her stories together, the way she phrases her thoughts, it takes me away to another place.

With the way my reading was going, I went with the audiobook version of Muse of Nightmares.  I’ll admit, I was worried about how Taylor’s magical prose and phrasing would translate into the spoken word.  Steve West’s performance was an impeccable fit, his English accent highlighted the text.

While my enjoyment of Muse of Nightmares may not have been a surprise, the story is filled with jaw droppers and how did I not see that coming.  The duet format is becoming a personal favorite, the length of the overall story is not daunting and the author is confident enough to tie things up.  It makes me prepared to invest in more of the author’s stories.

I want more worlds from Laini Taylor.

*7 Stars