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What a concept for a book, “Your six-year old daughter has been bitten by a zombie and now hungers for human flesh.”  Little Monster is one of those great scruples books.  At what point does putting your family first go too far?

James Plumb has done a marvelous job of presenting this scruples story.  Gareth’s world is flipped upside down when his daughter, Ana, is attacked.  James Plumb has woven us into the lives of Gareth and Jen, as the story revolves around them and their baby girl.  All that is going on outside of this family is not important.  This focus on the nuclear family allowed me to immerse myself into their lives.

From the synopsis I was anticipating a very dark, dismal tale, but I was pleasantly surprised with the well-placed comedic banter between the characters.  It really added to the enjoyment and relatability of the characters.  When the characters have real life problems, it helps to create a better connection with them.

In the end, can I agree with Gareth’s decisions?  Would I do the same thing?  It’s hard to say before you spend a couple of weeks in his shoes.

*5 Stars

Little Monster

By James Plumb