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I will never cease to be amazed at the levels of human stupidity and the “them” or “us” attitude that is so prevalent in this world.  What the hell will it take for us to just all live together and cooperate?  How bad does it have to get before we stop worrying about “them” getting ahead of “us”.

Adam Baker has kicked off Infected Books’ Year of the Zombie.  What a great idea! Twelve months – twelve new zombie stories, all to celebrate fifteen years of zombies from Infected Books.

So here is the concept.  It has finally hit the fan, the pandemic has spread to the four corners of the earth, and the human race is in the crapper.  What should be the priority?  Working together to find a cure?  Uh, no!  Securing safe zones to help the people who haven’t been infected yet?  No, that can wait until later.  No, the number one priority - making sure “they” don’t find the cure before “us”, because that is what really matters right now.

Adam Baker has put together a perfect leadoff batter for the Year of the Zombie.  He has put together a shocking, frustrating, and addictive short.  I was quickly pulled into Killchain and appalled by what these characters were doing, given the scenario.

Killchain is a great way to get a new year going.  Short enough that you can finish it in one sitting; yet long enough and engaging enough that I was satisfied by the end.  Although I must admit that I would like to learn more about this apocalyptic world created by Adam Baker.​

4 Stars

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Killchain By Adam Baker