This is exactly what I needed, a fun little trip through the zombie apocalypse.  Can you say that the apocalypse is fun and that you need to spend some time with zombies?  Why not!

I like to have books like this in my book pocket.  Sure, it’s been a while since I read Until the End (Quarantined #1), a couple of years actually, but it didn’t take much time to recall what had happened in the first book.  Quarantined is a series I know, written by an author I’ve read before (six books now).  I know what to expect (more or less) and I know I will like it.  I needed something that was light and fun and had great banter and Tracey Ward delivered.

In the End is book two in the series, you really need to read Until the End first.  Tracey Ward also has the Survival Series, which technically follows Quarantined, but you can easily read either one first.

In the End is the continuation of Jordan and Ali’s story and it’s told from Jordan’s perspective.  Tracey Ward has filled this book with her fantastic banter; its’s great to see a couple with death knocking on the doorstep still have the presence of mind to keep the fresh-ass comebacks rolling.

The story is a good one.  It could use a thorough proofing, but I just let that go and enjoyed the storytelling.

Would I recommend In the End?  I’m six books into this author and waiting for more.  Yes, I would recommend In the End!  It was the fix that I needed.

*4 Stars

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In the End

 (The Quarantined Series #2)

By Tracey Ward