I have kind of taken the Star Wars approach to Tracey Ward’s zombie books. She has two series in the P.A. genre, The Survival Series and The Quarantined Series, both are set in the same “world”. I read The Survival Series first and now I am going to the prequels to see how this world came to be.

Until the End is the story of Ali and Jordan, and how their world was turned upside down at the epicenter of the outbreak. Ali and Jordan each have their own demons that they have to deal with. They have each miraculously survived the initial outbreak and now they have to get the heck out of Dodge, or in this case, Portland, Oregon. It was interesting reading Until the End after The Survival Series. I know some of the characters who will survive, I even thought that I saw the making of a main character for The Survival Series, but whoops, I was wrong! The real fun in any story is the voyage and not the destination. Tracey Ward took me on a scenic voyage through picturesque Oregon, complete with brain eating zombies and assholes on jet skis.

What I really enjoyed about the book were the characters. Ali is quite the girl, there are not many girls who can get away with saying, “Home is where I feel safe, protected and loved, where people have my back with a loaded weapon and a bowie knife.” Jordan is a regular guy, trying to be tougher than he really is. The quick witted banter between these two makes the story great.

If you like your zombies with a twist of sarcasm and a dash of oh shit, she didn’t just do that, then you really need to check out Until the End.

4 Stars

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Until the End

 (The Quarantined Series #1)

By Tracey Ward