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Geraint Wyn: Zombie Killer

By Gary Slaymaker

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Geraint Wyn, where do I begin?

Gary Slaymaker (rockin’ zombie author name, by the way) has brought a new twist to what I have been experiencing with the Year of the Zombie.  Comedy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the dark, dismal, all hope is lost take on the end of the world, but sometimes you just want to have a little fun and escape in your book for an hour or two and have a few chuckles.  Geraint Wyn does exactly that.

Gary Slaymaker tells the tale of three teens living in a world filled with zombies.  Life is going on pretty much unchanged, the zombies showed up and people adapted.  It’s not completely unreasonable, we are smarter and faster than them, just a simple matter of getting them first.

There is an interesting cast of characters who hold the story together, some of them perfectly designed to highlight the comedic elements of the story.

Geraint Wyn:  Zombie Killer is high on fun and a bit light on the graphic violence, but that suits the subgenre.

This is a marvelous compliment to the Year of the Zombie; it’s like some mint jelly to go along with the prized lamb.

*4 Stars