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By Iain Reid

​​You have to understand, you don’t just sit down, relax and read a book by Iain Reid; it’s a contest, a competition - can you figure out what the hell is going on before he has to spell it out for you?  Well, that’s how I look at it, anyway.

Within the pages of Foe, we meet three characters:  Junior, Hen and Terrance.  Yes, there are a couple of lines spoken by a handful of others, but the story revolves around this trio.  Reid masterfully pulled me into this story with these three characters.  I got to know them, without really getting to know them.  This is what Reid does best.  He gives you just enough to want more, but he’s always holding back.  What these people did, how they acted, never really made sense to me.  I kept rolling around in my head…WHY?!

Foe is set in the not too distant future…I think, again, the uncertainty of it all.  Society has changed, the rules that we are accustomed to have changed.  With Reid’s focus on these three individuals, I wanted/needed to know more.  That is the true beauty of Foe; Reid leaves enough bread crumbs along the way so that when he is ready for his big reveal, it all makes sense.  I was left with a ‘why didn’t I see that coming?’ feeling.

Foe was light of plot but heavy on mystery and mind-fuckery.  It is a story that goes quickly without much action.  It is all about the situation and wrapping your brain around what the devil is going on.

Reid won the battle again.

*4.5 Stars