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(Subdue Series #2)

 By Thomas S. Flowers

Emerging picks up where Dwelling left off.  Thomas S. Flowers has brought the haunted house to a deeper, darker level.  If you’re looking for a pretty little house with pink walls and unicorns, you’re knocking on the wrong door.

Thomas S. Flowers has allowed this story to brew slowly, allowing the mystery and horror of the house on Oak Lee Road to reveal itself bit by bit.  The author is a master of taking an everyday, normal object and twisting it into a horrific monstrosity.  I always find that this style makes the story more terrifying.  These items, such as old houses and antique chairs are part of our everyday lives, we see them regularly, and every time we do, we wonder…what if?

In addition to the demons in the house, each of the characters has their own cross to bear.  Flowers has created a fabulous cast of characters, there is no “Superman” flying in to save the day.  In order to conquer the evil of the house, Jonathan, Jake, Maggie and Bobby must first defeat their own demons that torment them.

The author has perfected his writing style.  He creates a horror story shrouded in mystery with characters that are so real that they immerse you within the story.  If you love to be spooked, you need to read the Subdue Series.

*4.5 Stars