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Dwelling By Thomas S. Flowers

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Dwelling is the story of five childhood friends. Time and life events have separated them, but an ominous house from their past is about to bring them back together again… one way or another.

Thomas S. Flowers has pulled together an intriguing cast of characters. I think that we all know people like the characters in Dwelling – old friends who have gone off in different directions, but the stupid things that we did as children have created a permanent bond, one where we would always be there for them. This made the damaged characters relatable; it allowed me to quickly adopt these people as new old friends.

These five old friends of mine have all been damaged, either emotionally, physically or both. These are the types of characters that I like best, they not only have to overcome the villain, but also their own personal ghosts and demons.

The true “star” of Dwelling is the old house on Oak Lee Road. Through flashbacks, Thomas S. Flowers has created a mystery that has gripped my attention. He has allowed the mystery to brew slowly through the story, revealing the evil of the house bit by tiny, ominous bit.

Dwelling has done exactly what a book one in any series needs to do. It pulled me in with a perfect ensemble of characters, revealed an evil that threatens these people that I now care about and has left me wanting to know what happens next.

*4.5 Stars