Like a moth to a flame. That’s how much I was drawn into this book! This book grabbed me from page one and took me on one gritty, raw, shocking, suspense filled, mind-blowing ride! I knew the type of story that this author could conjure up because I read and loved, Beneath the Burn. As soon as I saw that this book was going to be released, I knew that I was going to have to read it…and I was not disappointed!

Joshua Carter is an only child, a linebacker, a university student studying religion and a virgin. He was raised by two loving parents who were very religious. He worked hard at school, at football and on his family farm. His only flaw was that he was brought up to be kind and helpful…being helpful would end up catapulting Joshua Carter into a world of slavery and sex trafficking that would change his life forever.

Liv Reed is a deliverer. She stalks and hunts her next victims until their capture. She trains them, punishes them physically and molds them to possess the specific requirements of their new masters. She is detached and cold, but these are characteristics that work best in her line of work. When the slave is prepared, she delivers him to his master.

The characters in Deliver are so well done and developed. I was immediately invested into their lives. Josh was such an unsuspecting victim who was thrust into a completely foreign world. He had a maturity and an innocence to him that was all rolled up into a muscular handsome body. My heart broke for him, but he was strong-willed, stubborn and had a great strength of character that carried him through.

Liv had been through hell. It was obvious. No young woman would choose a life like that, with people like that. She had her reasons for being a deliverer. She had lives to protect and in turn she had lives that needed to be broken.

There was something about Josh that chipped away at Liv’s hardened heart. Was it his looks, his innocence, his innate goodness? Was he everything that she thought she could never have? They had a connection other than just as slave and mistress. They had an undeniable sexual chemistry- to say that it was incredibly steamy would be an understatement!

I think that the true sign of a great novel is when the author makes you care about the characters. Pam Godwin has definitely succeeded at this. I cared about them. She even made the most cruel, sadistic character who didn’t seem to have any redeemable qualities…appear emotional and human. (I ended up feeling sorry for him!) If you’ve read this book, then you know that I’m talking about Van.

This book had many twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat. It had me shocked, gasping, and my jaw dropping. I’m not sure how she comes up with the ideas for her books, but I hope she doesn’t stop. Needless to say, I will be looking forward to her next book.

I like to give honest reviews and give credit where credit is due…and I would like to say that Pam Godwin is definitely the queen of her genre!

Oh, one more thing…bald, naked mannequins and dolls with blinking eyes… freaking creepy!!!

5 Thrilling Stars

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Deliver – By Pam Godwin

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