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Beneath the Burn - By Pam Godwin

This book is not for the faint of heart. It is not your average love story. This book has situations that deal with extreme physical

and sexual abuse, enslavement, and drug use.

This book is about Charlee, a young woman who was gambled away to a rich and powerful sadistic man to pay for a debt.

He held her captive for several years and all the while he was abusing her and raping her. The scenes in this book are quite graphic and they make your heart break for Charlee. When she does finally escape him, she is still constantly shrouded by his power…he is a threat to all the people she knows and loves. She lives her life in hiding and in constant fear.

She meets Jay Maynard, a rock musician, one night after she closes up her tattoo parlour. He convinces her to re-open and start a tattoo for him. Jay has a lot of issues of his own. He is in a rock band, he has drug problems and he also has strange sexual behaviors. Jay has something dark lurking in his past. Jay is immediately drawn to Charlee in every possible way.

Charlee’s world takes a turn for the worse the night that she meets Jay Mayard. Her safety as well as the safety of her loved ones is in danger. This is the start of the roller coaster ride! This book had me glued to it. It is a suspense-filled, frightening, edge of your seat kind of book. You will be hooked from start to finish. You will be rooting for Jay and Charlee to finally beat all of their demons (both alive and within them) and to live their lives free to love each other completely.

*5 Stars