2 Book Lovers Reviews

(The Confidence Game #2)
By Rachel Higginson

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Consequence picks up right where Constant left off – thankfully.  If you’ve read Constant, then you already know that it leaves you wanting, no, scratch that, needing more.  I was more than a little eager to get back into Caro and Sayer’s story.

There was never a dull moment in this book.  I felt every ounce of the fear and desperation that Caro was experiencing.  All she wanted was to provide a normal and safe environment for her young daughter, but her past always seemed to be lurking around every corner, taunting her, and making her realize that a normal life may never be in the cards.  Her daughter was her number one priority, and she would stop at nothing to ensure that she would have a good life.

Consequence was told from the present day, but also provided the reader with glimpses into the past.  These flashbacks gave me a better understanding of the characters’ lives and their motivations. 

My suspicions were on high alert throughout the whole book.  I never really knew who could be trusted.  With all of the deception and manipulation, I was constantly doubting the integrity of the characters.  But then again, they did live a life of crime, so was there really any integrity?  The only thing that I was one hundred percent certain of was that Caro was a good mother.  That could never be disputed.  Everything that she did, she did with her daughter’s well-being in mind.

Consequence is a well-written, action-packed book that pulled me right into the heart of Caro and Sayer’s story.  Despite having grown up in a criminal world, their love for each other seemed to be the one shining light to come out of their dark upbringing.  There were so many sweet, romantic moments between them that counterbalanced the bleak, danger-filled times.  But could you ever really let your guard down in that life?  Could you allow yourself to completely trust the one person who promised to love you forever?  And the bigger question was, could you ever truly escape that life? 

Consequence was a great ending to this duet.  It was fast-paced, intriguing, and kept my heart rate high.

*4 Stars