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A Girl Like Me was one of my most highly anticipated books.  After being completely captivated and left hanging by A Boy Like You, I couldn’t wait to get back into Joss and Wes’s story again.  This book did not disappoint.  I couldn’t be happier with where the author took this story.  As soon as I began reading it, I was immediately pulled back in to the characters’ lives, totally immersed in the intriguing, mysterious storyline that surrounded them and their special, unbreakable connection. 

While this book is a love story at its core, it is also something extra, something more.   This duet stands out, it offers something unique and unexpected in its genre.  It has elements that are quite different from what I am accustomed to reading, however, I adored every minute that I spent with this story and its characters, in fact, after reading the final page, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to these characters that I had come to know and love.

What always makes a book stand out for me is the characters.  One of Ginger Scott’s strengths (and she has many) is her ability to create and develop her characters.  She makes her readers care for them and become quickly invested in them.  This can also be said for her secondary characters.  I enjoyed the interactions between Joss and Wes’s family and friends.  They added an extra layer to this exceptional story.

Joss Winters and Wes Stokes have been through their share of turmoil in their young lives.  They have a bond, a connection that is deep and unique, but is also shrouded in a veil of mystery.  There were so many things that I needed to have answered.  My curiosity had been more than a little piqued in A Boy Like You, but now I was eagerly flipping the pages to discover every intricate detail and truth of their story.

While Wes has always been there at crucial times to help save Joss from events that have put her life in danger, Joss was now alone to get through one of the toughest obstacles in her life.  But this is Joss we’re talking about.  She is a tough, feisty, spirited young woman who is capable of doing anything that she sets her mind to.  I never doubted her for a minute.  It was a pleasure to watch her evolve from the reckless, careless girl that I first became acquainted with to the goal-oriented, strong, persistent girl that she turned into.

Even though Joss had experienced many bumps and outside influences in her journey, it was always her story.  She was going to be the one to set her own path.  Ultimately, her story was going to be determined by her choices and decisions.  I loved her strength and determination.  Wes may have been there to save her in the past, but she knew that she had to be her own savior.

“I don’t need a hero, Wes,” I say again, pressing our foreheads tight again, my thumbs both drawing soft lines along his jaw.  “I just need you.”

Wes is a special character.  He is truly beautiful inside and out.  Just when I thought that I couldn’t like one of Ginger Scott’s characters any more than I already did, she created Wes Stokes and made him even better in this book.  He is pure gold – plain and simple- although, there is nothing plain and simple about Wes.  He is enigmatic and different.  While I didn’t always agree with all of his choices, I couldn’t deny that they were always done with the best of intentions.  He always put Joss’s well-being above his own.  If two fictional characters were meant to be together, it was Joss and Wes.

“Before, I only stayed away for you.  Everything…it’s for you.  I came back for you, I was born for you.”

A Girl Like Me was everything that I could have hoped for and so much more.  It had the perfect balance of romance, emotion, mystery, and little something extra that made this such a magical and compelling reading experience.  With a beautiful story and fascinating characters, this duet is truly unforgettable and will definitely be gracing my list of favorite books for 2017.  Ginger Scott has become one of my go-to authors.  Her words and storytelling ability continue to make me incredibly happy to be a reader.  I loved the end of Joss and Wes’s story…or, should I say the beginning.

*5 Stars

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A Girl Like Me
​(Like Us, #2)
By Ginger Scott