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My Best Friend's Exorcism

​By Grady Hendrix

Week of October 3/22

       Book Review:  

       Writers & Lovers

            By Lily King

*Top Recommendation!*

Writers & Lovers  was

captivating, beautifully

written, and a pleasure to


There was just something

about this novel that set it

apart from some of the others

that I’ve read.  There was

no big event, no pivotal

moment so to speak, no

grand climax. This is Casey

Peabody’s story, and while

it follows her through her

daily routines and somewhat

mundane days, there is

absolutely nothing mundane about Casey or this story.

*Read my review...

October's Anticipated Reads!

Ah, October. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing colors, and I finally get to wrap myself up in a blanket while I read. While October usually brings to mind Halloween and all things creepy, this is also a month where we will find a lot of Christmas novels being published, reminding us that Christmas, in fact, is right around the corner. How many shopping days left? Yeah, well, this girl still likes to include a few spine-tingling books to her October reading list. This October also happens to be filled with some amazing new releases from some of my favorite authors, so I am more than a little excited to get reading!

- October 4Once Upon a December  – By Amy E. Reichert - Well, this just looks adorable!

​With a name like Astra Noel Snow, holiday spirit isn’t just a seasonal specialty—it’s a way of life. But after a stinging divorce, Astra’s yearly trip to the Milwaukee Christmas market takes on a whole new meaning. She’s ready to eat, drink, and be merry, especially with the handsome stranger who saves the best kringle for her at his family bakery...

- October 11Before I Do  – By Sophie Cousens 

If Sophie Cousens is releasing a new book, I am going to read it. Having read her other two novels (and 5-Star loving them), I don't even have to read the synopsis to know that her book will be on my TBR list. But if you're still on the fence, check this out...

What would you do if 'the one that got away' turned up the night before your wedding? -> Yes, yes, yes, and more yes!!!

- October 11One Last Gift  – By Emily Stone 

Emily Stone's debut novel (Always, in December) really made an impression on me. This author knows how to write an emotional, heart-aching, romantic novel. This one looks like it will be another emotional gut punch. I'm ready...I think.

Sometimes the best gifts in life are the ones you don’t expect.
Cassie and Tom lost their parents at a young age and relied on each other—as well as a community of friends—to cope. They were especially close with Tom’s best friend, Sam, who always made sure that Tom and Cassie were surrounded with love. But, twenty years later, Cassie has lost Tom as well. And in a way, she’s also lost Sam; over the years they’d drifted apart, and now the man she always had a crush on is someone she doesn’t even recognize anymore...

- October 18It Starts with Us  – By Colleen Hoover 

What? You didn't think that I would forget about Colleen Hoover's new book, did you? Needless to say, I am going to read this. If you haven't read  It Ends with Us, what are you waiting for?! Her latest novel begins right after the epilogue for  It Ends with Us, so you really should read it. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. It's Colleen Hoover, after all.

- October 18A Cosmic Kind of Love – By Samantha Young  - This romantic comedy looks out of this world. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

When event planner Hallie Goodman receives party-inspiration material from the bride of her latest wedding project, the last thing she expects to find is a collection of digital videos from Darcy’s ex-boyfriend. Hallie knows it’s wrong to keep watching these personal videos, but this guy is cute, funny, and an astronaut on the International Space Station to boot. She’s only human. And it’s not long until she starts sending e-mails and video diaries to his discontinued NASA address. Since they’re bouncing back, there’s no way anyone will ever be able to see them...right?

- October 18The Teacher of Nothing – By K. Webster – Student/Teacher romance! It's been quite some time since I've read a butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of forbidden romance, and I would say I'm long overdue. 

...Being a teacher isn’t necessarily my passion but pissing my dad off is.
He thinks teaching is beneath our family and I love watching him squirm.
But the joke’s on me.
I’m completely obsessed with the quiet, beautiful girl in my class...

- October 25Marlowe Banks, Redesigned – By Jacqueline Firkins - I was lucky enough to receive an advanced reader copy of this novel, and I've already read it! Let me just say that this novel exceeded my expectations, and my expectations are always high. This was a Hollywood romance mixed with Marlowe's journey to finding her own slice of happiness and acceptance. It was the perfect blend. I loved it! Stay tuned for my review.


Happy Reading!

Fairy Tale​

​By Stephen King

​​​​​​​​​October's Anticipated Reads!

Here it is! The most anticipated month on the horror calendar, OCTOBER! What is your plan? What are you going to read to scare the…well you know? How are you going to get from here to Halloween? I know I’ve got mine.  There are some great books releasing over the next 31 days. It is always hard to decide which ones to dig into.

- October 4Ghostwritten  – By Ronald Malfi 
What’s that…a new book from Ronald Malfi? Who has two thumbs for now and is going to read it? This guy! Four short stories from one of my favorites should get the Halloween spirit going.

October 4 – The Night Ship  – By Jess Kidd 
Don’t confuse this one with  Night Shift, that is a whole different book. Jess Kidd is a master of characters; this time I should be bouncing back and forth with her from 1629 to 1989. I’m excited to get to know Mayken and Gil. These two should take me on quite the adventure.

- October 11The Hollow Kind  – By Andy Davidson
I love the cover for this one, what is that? Some kind of blue on blue, upside-down bear. We all know that when you want to make a fresh start for you and your child, it is always best to do that at the property you inherited from an estranged relative. What could go wrong? Everything…

- October 11The Dark Between the Trees  – By Fiona Barnett 
This could be a new-to-me winner. Fantastic cover! I have a soft spot for those dual storylines. This one is set in the northeast; nothing ever goes wrong way out in the woods there.

- October 11Little Eve  – By Catriona Ward 
I’ve been meaning to read Catriona Ward for a while now. I’ve got  Sundial  on my Kindle and now  Little Eve  is releasing.  She has been getting a whole lot of hype and I have FOMO. The synopsis is a bit scant, but there is enough there to really pique my interest: end of the world, brutal murder; it’s October, so, yes, please!

- October 13The House at Phantom Park  – By Graham Masterton 
I’ve never read anything by Graham Masterton, there I’ve said it. I know I should have read one of his books by now, but it just hasn’t worked out. This one could be just the place to start: a Victorian hospital for the terminally ill turned hotel…sounds like Halloween to me!

- October 18If This Book Exists, You’re in the Wrong Universe (John Dies at the End #4)  – By Jason Pargin 
If you’ve read  John Dies at the End, then you know you must keep going with this series. David Wong, aka Jason Pargin, writes like no one else, his crazy humor and fantastic scenarios are second to none.


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