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       Book Review:

    Daisy Jones & The Six

  By Taylor Jenkins Reid

*Top Recommendation!*

I’ve had the Kindle and

Audible version of  Daisy

Jones & The Six  for a couple

of years. I’m not sure why

it took me so long to read/

listen to this novel since it

had been high up on my

TBR list ever since its

release, but I will confess

that the release of it as a

limited series did have me

moving it up on my must-

read shelf.

Daisy Jones & The Six  is

written as an oral history and

in interview format. I wasn’t sure if I would be as connected to the story with it done in this style, but I shouldn’t have given it a second thought because if any author could pull this off, it’s Taylor Jenkins Reid. 

*Read my review...


March's Anticipated Reads!

Hello, March! The month of St. Patrick’s Day, the beginning of spring, and apparently, a darn good month for book releases. Spring and new books to look forward to, you really don’t need much more than that. There are quite a few books that caught my eye, but I had to make an abbreviated version of my list. So many books!

- March 1Good for You  – By Camille Pagàn 
This book is just begging me to read it. It looks like the perfect mix of opposites attract, personal growth, and a good dose of heart.

- March 7Off the Map  – By Trish Doller -
I have traveled vicariously with Trish Doller’s characters for three years now. Off the Map whisked me away to Ireland, had a good romance, was an emotional story, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Read my review.

- March 7Missing Clarissa – By Ripley Jones – YA Thriller! A podcast about a small-town girl who disappeared over twenty years ago can uncover a lot of secrets, and I was all in! Read my review.

- March 7The Golden Spoon – By Jessa Maxwell – The Great British Bake Off meets Clue
As a fan of The Great British Bake Off, I was pretty excited to sink my teeth into this novel. But wait! This isn’t just a novel set in the world of a baking competition, it’s also a murder mystery. Read my review.

- March 7What Have We Done  – By Alex Finlay – This thriller looks like a page-turner!
A stay-at-home mom with a past.
A has-been rock star with a habit.
A reality TV producer with a debt.
Three disparate lives.
One deadly secret…

- March 7Maybe Next Time  – By Cesca Major 

This novel has me intrigued!
One Day meets Groundhog Day, in this heartwarming and emotionally poignant novel about a stressed woman who must relive the same day over and over, keeping her family and work life from imploding as she attempts to spare her husband from an unfortunate fate. 

- March 14A Long Stretch of Bad Days  – By Mindy McGinnis 
Another YA mystery about a town’s past that is uncovered by two teen girls and a podcast. Ah, but this one is written by Mindy McGinnis, and she will undoubtedly make this novel as gripping as possible.

- March 21Jane & Edward: A Modern Reimagining of Jane Eyre  – By Melodie Edwards 
This book looks so good! Judge for yourself!
A former foster kid, Jane has led a solitary life as a waitress in the suburbs, working hard to get by. Tired of years of barely scraping together a living, Jane takes classes to become a legal assistant and shortly after graduating accepts a job offer at a distinguished law firm in downtown Toronto. Everyone at the firm thinks she is destined for failure because her boss is the notoriously difficult Edward Rosen, the majority stakeholder of Rosen, Haythe & Thornfield LLP. But Jane has known far worse trials and refuses to back down when economic freedom is so close at hand. 
Edward has never been able to keep an assistant—he’s too loud, too messy, too ill-tempered. There’s something about the quietly competent, delightfully sharp-witted Jane that intrigues him though. As their orbits overlap, their feelings begin to develop—first comes fondness and then something more. But when Edward’s secrets put Jane’s independence in jeopardy, she must face long-ignored ghosts from her past and decide if opening her heart is a risk worth taking.

- March 28The Mostly True Story of Tanner and Louise  – By Colleen Oakley 
Okay, I adore Colleen Oakley’s writing, so you know that this one is going to be gracing my TBR list. This novel looks like it will be humorous, fun-filled, and have a good amount of heart.
…the story of a not-to-be-underestimated elderly woman and an aimless young woman who—if they can outrun the mistakes of their past—might just have the greatest adventure of their lives.

- March 28So Close (Blacklist)  – By Sylvia Day 
It’s been quite a while since I’ve read a book by Sylvia Day. I loved her Crossfire series and have been anxiously waiting for this series to make its grand entrance. I am more than ready!

- March 28Bad Mother  – By Mia Sheridan 
Mia Sheridan is writing a thriller! I repeat, Mia Sheridan is writing a thriller!
When Sienna Walker is nearly fired from the NYPD, the last thing she expects is a second chance in the one place she vowed never to return to. But she can’t afford to turn down the job offer, even if a painful familial past and a broken engagement hardly make Reno, Nevada, home sweet home.
It’s made even less sweet by Sienna’s first case—a serial killer with a curious fixation on her. Along with his victims, the killer leaves perplexing clues and chilling journal entries addressed to Sienna detailing the murders he claims his mother committed. The case continues to get personal when her ex-fiancé is called out by the killer as well. Whoever’s behind the diabolical murders, Sienna can only be sure of one thing…it’s someone close to home...



Happy Reading!

Never Forget You

​By Fiona Lucas

Week of March 20/23


By John Gardner

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​March's Anticipated Reads!

March is here! I can already see the hours of sunlight lengthening out, spring is just around the corner. There are some interesting books releasing this month, all over the spectrum: mythological, horror, even post-apocalyptic; some new-to-me authors, alongside of some tried, tested and approved. There is something new in March for all of my reading moods.

- March 1Mothered  – By Zoje Stage
Zoje Stage is a master at dysfunctional family relationships. I wonder what kind of momma-daughter relationship she had. Just from the synopsis, you know that Mothered should keep you guessing, with a few good laughs on the side.

- March 7Clytemnestra  – By Costanza Casati 
You know that I’m a sucker for a retelling of Greek mythology. There have been a lot more hits than misses in the genre (is retelling of Greek mythology a genre?). I was recently reconnected with Clytemnestra in Claire North’s Ithaca, she is one of the baddest-ass bitches from Greek mythology, but when you know the whole story, who can really blame her. What will Costanza Casati do with her...um…heroine?

- March 7The Curator  – By Owen King 
The King clan has never led me astray. Stephen and Joe have written some of my favorite books of the past few years. Now, just because Owen’s father and brother can write great books doesn’t necessarily mean that The Curator will be the best thing since Fairy Tale. At the same time, he grew up with storytelling all around him. The Curator has a great premise and the possible upside of discovering another great go-to author is always there.

- March 14Red London  – By Alma Katsu 
I’ve always had great luck with Alma Katsu. She has a knack for not only writing a great story, but also making it feel relevant and tangible. Alma Katsu had spent years working in national security, so I have a feeling she could make this spy thriller as close to real as possible without having to kill you after. Now, this is book two in her Red Widow series; did you have to read book one? I don’t really know.

- March 21The Donut Legion  – By Joe R. Lansdale
Joe, you had me a donut. You didn’t have to give me: “a space-age, evangelist cult” along with “a massive, doomsday storehouse of weapons, a leashed chimpanzee,” but I’ll take them all the same.

- March 24The Broken Places  – By Blaine Daigle The Ritual meets The Terror
This is one of those cases where the cover caught my eye, it looks as broken as the title. It makes me want to read it. It gets compared to The Terror and The Ritual, both 7-star books for me, so expectations are set very high. I hope that Daigle can keep the promise made.

- March 28A House With Good Bones  – By T. Kingfisher 
Last year I read What Moves the Dead and it gave me a taste for Kingfisher’s writing, she is now on my radar. This looks like it could be a haunted house style book, but vague enough to keep me guessing. The jar of teeth and vultures circling the garden have certainly piqued my interest.

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