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The Paradise Problem

​By Christina Lauren

                      Book Review:

               A Better World        

           By Sarah Langan                


When the world is falling

apart, wouldn’t you do

anything to save your

family? As we all know,

though, the grass is not

always greener on the

other side, and Sarah Langan

really drives this point home.

Russell and Linda Farmer-

Bowens have the opportunity

of a lifetime; they are chosen

to leave their New York City

life to qualify for a better

life in a company town.

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Week of May 13/24


By Thomas Olde Heuvelt

Week of May 13/24​​​​

Book Review:

A Man Downstairs

By Nicole Lundrigan


 Lundrigan is a master of characters and scenarios. I’ve had a whole lot of luck with her books over the past few years. When I saw she had a new story on the way, I was looking to get my hands on it.

This story starts off with Molly Wynters moving back home with her son to make some hard decisions regarding her aging father. 

​Molly has a history that is crystal clear in her mind…but can you count on the memories that come from childhood trauma?

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