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Bye, Baby

​By Carola Lovering

                      Book Review:

          Till There Was You

   By Lindsay Hameroff

                  New Release!


A novel about a culinary

student and a musician has

two of my favorite things:

food and music.

Lexi wasn’t looking for love,

she was only interested in

staying on track and

finishing culinary school

with the dreams of becoming

a chef. Well, when you’re

not looking for something

(or someone), that is when

you are going to find it

(them). Admittedly, Jake

Taylor would have been

pretty difficult to resist, so

you can’t fault a girl for that.

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Week of Feb. 19, 2024


By Eilish Quin

Week of Feb. 19, 2024​​​​

Book Review:

What Feasts at Night

By T.Kingfisher

New Release!


This was a really fun, quick read. It is all about the characters and the interactions.

Kingfisher has really struck gold with Alex Easton. She is a fantastic character that just seems to pull in great supporting characters with some of the best banter that I have ever read. Reconnecting with Alex, Angus and Miss Potter was great; Widow Botezatu and her grandson, Bors, were fantastic additions to the cast.

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