Into the Drowning Deep

By Mira Grant

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My father was born in a small town on the ocean, the kind of town where you don’t marry anyone from town due to the risk of three-eyed children.  Luckily, my father married someone “from away”.  I’ve got:  two eyes, ten toes and ten fingers.  My father taught me an appreciation for the ocean, tempered with a few ounces of fear.  Mira Grant has captured the beauty, temptation and ruthless danger of the ocean.

The ocean and the monsters she harbors have captivated people’s imaginations since the dawn of time.  The Odyssey, Moby Dick, 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea and Jaws have reinforced our fear and respect for the ocean.  Into the Drowning Deep follows in their footsteps.  I love seeing these books that play on my fear of what is hidden from view.  There are monsters hidden beneath the gentle waves.

There is no doubt that Mira Grant can tell a great tall tale, or in this case – tail.  She has taken what many would consider the gentlest/friendliest sea creature and has created a monster like no other.  Into the Drowning Deep is filled with tension, suspense and terrifying action.  I love how Mira Grant didn’t rush anything, she allowed the monster to reveal itself in its own good time.

If I have any complaints or disappointment with the book it would have to be with the social commentary.  I’m a big believer in live and let live, I read fiction to get away from the crap that real life throws at me.  It turns me off a bit when someone uses their job as a podium.

That being said, Into the Drowning Deep was a fantastic story.  I enjoyed my voyage to the Mariana Trench.  I’m hoping for a return voyage sooner rather than later.

*4 Stars

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