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Zombie Fallout 

By Mark Tufo

I am always somewhat excited and apprehensive when I pick up a new zombie book by an author I’ve never read before.  On the one hand, is it just going to be the same old, same old rehashing of what has been done before with some new window dressing?  Or has the author taken the basic concept and “made it his own, dawg!”  With eight books in the Zombie Fallout series, my hopes were high. I was not disappointed.

Mark Tufo has taken a slightly unorthodox approach in his presentation.  The story takes on a bit of an unfiltered rambling, and first-person look back at the shit hitting the fan.  This style really worked for me, I could really get a feel for who Michael Talbot is and I connected with the real life drama that was going on in the story.

An important aspect of any outbreak book is the vector of the infection.  Where did it start? How does it spread? Could this really happen? Do the zombies want a side of liver with their brains?  Mark Tufo has taken a marvelous approach to this, using a real life virus that is still fresh in our minds.  And he has given the zombies something a little more sinister than what the reader is accustomed to.

Zombie Fallout has an impeccable balance between the drama and the terror of the zombies and the brash, slapstick humor of the character interactions and Michael’s thoughts.  This is not the type of book you want to read when you are looking for a very serious, depressing look at the end of the world, it is more Zombieland than 28 Days Later.  Michael Talbot’s thoughts range from shocking, to outrageous, to you did not just go there.  It was a perfect fit for where I was when I picked it up.

If you are looking for a light and fun trip through the end of the world, Zombie Fallout could be the perfect road trip.

*5 Stars​

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