​My wife has been after me for quite some time now, “You should give Nora Roberts a chance, she’s really good, and she’s not too heavy on the romance.” When I saw the pre-order go up for a post-apocalyptic book by Nora Roberts, I thought, now that’s the one for me!  There was a sample available, and it only reinforced that I needed Year One.

As I got into the meat and potatoes of Year One, I thought to myself, I’ve seen this before, King and Forstchen have done this already; give me something new and different, Nora!  Well, patience is a virtue that I possess on the rare occasion.  In the case of Year One, it came in handy, Nora Roberts lulled me into a comfortable, familiar zone only to bring on the shock and awe.

Roberts created a fantastic cast of characters.  I love these books where you don’t have a protagonist, but many protagonists.  I enjoy following several storylines at the same time, especially when the author takes their time to fully develop each and every one.  Roberts made me connect to several characters, following each one’s story as if it were the crux of the book – I didn’t want to miss a thing.

When I sit back and think about Year One, the familiar elements kind of set me back a bit.  But when you think about it, how many ways are there to rebuild after the shit has hit the fan?  So, I come back to what I really want from a book, Year One had it all:  shock and surprises, captivating characters, and the most important element of all, the pull and desire to read more books in the series.  I am on board for the next book in the series.  Hell, yeah!

*5 Stars

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Year One

By Nora Roberts