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By Wayne Simmons

​​Right from the start, Wayne Simmons brought me back to a comfortable, familiar place:  Helo brought me back to the Creature Cantina.  With the intricately detailed and varied aliens, I was brought back to my youth, invested in the story even before I got to know the characters.  But this wasn’t the Creature Cantina of my youth, it was a bit more “adult,” I kept waiting for Rev to tell a couple of Stokians that “This is not the whore you’re looking for.” I was hooked.

Xinners is a non-stop action story that is filled with bullets, blood and a little booty.  Sometimes that’s exactly what I want and need – just some good, old undead fun.

Simmons took just the right amount of time, allowing me to get acquainted with his characters.  I got to know Rev best, but they all kept most of their mysteries to themselves.  I felt like I was given a snapshot of their lives.  This motley crew had a plethora of adventures before, and I’m sure many more to come.

All in all, Xinners did exactly what I wanted it to do.  It was fast, fun and different.  Simmons gave me a story that was a perfect change of pace.

*4 Stars

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