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I remember the March 1977 cover of National Geographic, the one with King Tut’s golden sarcophagus.  That is where my fascination with the ancient world began:  Howard Carter, the cures of the pharaohs.  These are the things that can captivate a young person’s mind.

As soon as I read the synopsis of Catherine Cavendish’s Wrath of the Ancients, I knew I had to read this book.  An early 20th century archaeologist/tomb raider and the curse that follows him.  This is a story that would bring me back to my youth.

Cavendish did a fantastic job in creating her villain.  A remorseless, evil character without any regard for the consequences of his actions.  She was equally as meticulous in the creation of her protagonist.  Adeline is a character of her time, forced out of the traditional role by her circumstances.  Cavendish created an instant connection to Adeline by weaving an intricate web around her.

The story flowed unexpectedly.  I’ve read several books recently where the author bounces back and forth between time periods.  I was expecting the same; Cavendish mixed it up by going in a straight timeline, which worked perfectly for this story.  She kept me engaged the whole way through.

It was fun to see an author go back to Egypt for their monster.  In a world of zombies, vampires and prehistoric sea creatures, Wrath of the Ancients is a breath of fresh air.  My only complaint, I wanted more; if you can really call that a complaint.

*4 Stars

Wrath of the Ancients

By Catherine Cavendish