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Wolf Land 

By Jonathan Janz

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For years now, the werewolf has been hijacked by the shifter romance genre.  Well, Jonathan Janz has claimed a bloody morsel back for the horror genre! 

There has been a bit of a drought in the horror genre for the classic monsters.  Sure, if you go looking you will find vampires and werewolves all over the place, but these books generally treat the monster as something more human than beast, a tortured soul looking for a mate to ease the torment that the character has experienced in their interminable life.  Wolf Land is old school horror, the type of story that would have terrified and enthralled me as a youngster sitting by the campfire.  These monsters are true monsters – bloodthirsty beasts that operate solely on base emotions.

Jonathan Janz has stayed true to the classic, animalistic werewolf that every horror fan loves, but he has added to it.  In Wolf Land, we have an all new and well developed mythos, we learn about the history of the werewolves in this world.  They have their own strengths and weaknesses that give them a little something different, yet still keeping them truly horrific.

Wolf Land has a fantastic ensemble cast.  Each character was well developed, they all (mostly all) had redeeming qualities, and each had their own personal demons.  Each player’s story was an integral part of the whole story, and some disappeared far sooner than expected.

But what really upped the ante for me was the details and the masterfully created tension.  I saw the whole book in my head as I read it.  I jumped in my seat and kept telling the characters where to run.  Nothing beats a story that gets the reader that involved.  Best chase scene ever!

*5 Stars