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As soon as I read the synopsis for this book, I knew that I had to read it.  It started off with a bang (so to speak)- a wedding was on the horizon, there was a plane crash, there was the fight for survival in the rainforest, and of course, there was the attraction between the two main characters.  Yes, this book was right up my alley.

Aimee was so happy to be jetting off early to Brazil to meet up with her fiancé, Chris, who has been her best friend since childhood.  But when an airplane malfunction causes Aimee and the pilot, Tristan, to crash in a remote area of the rainforest, all seems hopeless.  Sure, they both survived, but they were stranded in the middle of nowhere with very few options.

Aimee and Tristan were acquainted with each other before the flight.  He was employed by Chris and often worked as Aimee’s driver.  Tristan was a quiet man who preferred to keep to himself.  Despite Aimee’s attempts at conversation, Tristan kept his answers to one or two words.  They spent most of their time foraging for edible plants and eggs, and hunting.  The author spent a great deal of time describing their methods of survival and their food acquisition. Her descriptions were so vivid that I could picture their surroundings perfectly.

Since Tristan was a man of few words and he was plagued with painful memories, I would’ve liked to have known a bit more about him earlier on in the book.  A bit more character development would have made this book that much better for me.  I did enjoy the relationship that developed between Aimee and Tristan.  They ended up needing each other for more than just survival purposes.  Even though Aimee was having romantic feelings for Tristan while she was still engaged to Chris, I didn’t feel exceptionally bad about it.  They were thrown into a circumstance that would draw any two people closer together.

This book had drama, emotion, and nail biting situations. My favorite part about Withering Hope was the ending.  The epilogue was endearing, emotional, and filled with tear-dropping goodness.  Layla Hagen wrapped up Aimee and Tristan’s story in a neat and tidy package.

*3.5 Stars*   

Withering Hope - By Layla Hagen