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When I opened up Wisconsin Vamp I was expecting a quick knee-slapping type of funny story. The story that I got was so much more. I quickly readjusted my expectations and dove head first into the story.

Scott Burtness has come up with the most absurd, farfetched method of how someone could become a vampire. To say it was “creative” is an understatement, it’s like saying Packers and Viking fans don’t care for one another. I won’t even touch on the how, I wouldn’t want to spoil it.

After becoming infected, our hero, Herb, slowly goes through the transformation from human to vampire. As his senses and awareness heightens, Scott’s depth of description increased. I found this to be a great tool to demonstrate the “transformation” in Herb.

Wisconsin Vamp has everything you want from a book – great characters, tension and conflict, and yes, there is a love story for the ladies. It lacks the horror and gore that some might want, but it’s just not that kind of story. I am looking forward to more Monsters in the Midwest.

4 Stars 

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Wisconsin Vamp – By Scott Burtness