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Some books capture you right from the beginning and make you savor each and every word.  Who Do You Love is a book that I wanted to take my time with, to get to know the characters, to immerse myself in their stories, and to go along with them on their journeys.  What begins as a chance meeting in a hospital waiting area when they are only eight years old, develops into a connection that will remain deeply rooted in their hearts and souls right on into adulthood. 

Rachel was born with a heart condition that had her in and out of hospitals for most of her young life.  Andy was just in Miami for a quick trip when he broke his arm and was taken to the hospital.  They should have never met.  Rachel should have been in her room at that time of the evening instead of people watching, but fate had something else in mind for these two.  Andy was alone and in pain, and Rachel was there to keep him company and to provide a bit of comfort to him. 

I loved how they met.  It didn’t matter that they were from completely different backgrounds, from different cities, or different religious beliefs.  They were simply two kids seeking a few fleeting moments of friendship.  Who would have ever thought that they would cross paths again, that this brief encounter would be the beginning of something so meaningful and special?

The book is told from both character’s perspectives.  It gives the reader an opportunity to see the character’s lives through their eyes, to live and experience it with them.  They both had their own issues to deal with that impacted them on different levels.  Witnessing them develop and grow through the years, seeing their family dynamics, their struggles, insecurities, their achievements, and their relationships, allowed me, as a reader, to really get inside their minds and to understand them.

The author did an incredible job of creating characters that are realistic, normal, and relatable.  Their paths in life were not always easy, things didn’t just have way of magically and miraculously working out for them.  They weren’t perfect, they made plenty of mistakes throughout the years – mistakes that had me clutching the book very tightly at times.  But this is what made the book work so well.  It wasn’t a simple story of boy meets girl, they fall in love, and live happily ever after.  It was realistic and painful at times, but each rocky road taken was essential in getting them to where they needed to be.

Who Do You Love is a book that will now grace my favorites shelf.  It gave me that epic feel, filled with emotion, heartache, and love.  When a book can bring a smile to my face, make me laugh, make me shed a tear, break my heart and heal it again, it’s a winner. 

*5 Stars*



Who Do You Love
 By Jennifer Weiner