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Abram’s Bridge 

Lil Ron and Sweet Kate have a wonderful little story.  Glenn Rolfe has masterfully illustrated that incestuous small town feel, that one where everyone knows everyone else’s business and it seems like somehow, someway everyone is related.

This short story really packed a punch.  There was a slow progression of the secrets of this small town capped off with an action filled ending.  As the story progressed, I found myself second guessing where the story was going.

What really made the story work for me was Lil Ron, he was the main focus of the story and Glenn Rolfe pulled me into his troubled life.  On a certain level I was able to connect with Lil Ron, he was just trying to do the right thing with no idea of the trouble he would unearth.

Abram’s Bridge is a captivating little ghost story where we learn that ghosts are not always the ones that we should fear.

*4.5 Stars

Boom Town

I always try to be picky about what I choose to read, I’m looking for books that will hit me…in a good way.  Every once in a while though, a book just doesn’t work for me.  Boom Town is one of those books.

I really can’t put my finger on what was wrong with this story.  It was well written, it had excellent pacing, there were no lulls in the action and did not feel rushed.  So, I have decided to put the blame on Glenn Rolfe.  He set the book in Wisconsin; Wisconsin just isn’t scary.  I think that we can all agree that Maine is the scariest place on earth.  I have the personal stories and memories to back me up, but they’re too plentiful to share in this review….you’re just going to have to trust me.

I can see why others would enjoy Boom Town, unfortunately, it just wasn’t for me.

*3 Stars

Things We Fear

I’ll be honest, I love a great cover.  I was immediately drawn to the cover for Things We Fear, the pier at Old Orchard Beach, although I’m more of a Wells Beach kind of guy.  The beach is such a mixed place; it’s the fun place where we like to celebrate the two weeks of freedom  our employers give us, but it also hides many dangers, strong tides and monsters from the deep.  Thank you very much, Peter Benchley.  The pier at Old Orchard pulls all of these emotions together.

Glenn Rolfe has kept this story tight, concise and to the point; essential for an eighty five page book, and he has done it without making the story feel rushed.  A perfect equilibrium.

Things We Fear introduces us to Emily Young and Aaron Jackson, a couple of lovable characters.  I liked them both, each of them possessing their own fear.  I wanted to see them both conquer their fears and have their happily ever after (I know it sounds corny, but we all want the HEA).  Can they?  Do they?

Our friendly neighborhood villain, Matt Holmes, gets thrown into the mix.  He is the iconic bad guy.  There is not one likable quality about him.  Glenn Rolfe has given us the perfect character to hate.

Things We Fear is a great little story that brings back our summer vacation memories with a little bit of an evil SOB on the side.

*4 Stars

Where Nightmares Begin

 By Glenn Rolfe

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