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Walled picks up about a year after the events of Carrier. Naya, Ric and the twins are flying under Auberge's radar; existing and not really living.  They want to shelter the girls from the exploitation that they are sure to endure should the girls be found.

The situation in Auberge has gone from bad to worse.  The Corporation is on high alert, using their resources to locate Naya, Ric and Sonya following the damage that they did in Carrier.  The streets are covered with guards and overflowing with trash.

When the opportunity presents itself to Naya to make a critical strike against Auberge she has no other choice but to try and create a better life for her daughters.

It is from here that the action begins.  The action and tension in Walled is ratcheted up, it is nonstop and intense.  Tibbets has done an excellent job of writing a great action story while at the same time creating characters that I care about, characters that I want to see happy and succeed.  With all of the action and tension, she is able to build upon Naya's relationship with Ric.  Right from the start I wanted them to work out, but understandably Naya's history made this difficult.

My only problem with Walled, it was over far too quickly.  I enjoyed following these characters, the writing was so well done.  I felt that there was more of a story to tell and I wanted to hear it. 

Walled was a good conclusion to a great series, with a interesting twist on the post-apocalyptic genre. 

4 Stars 

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The Line Book Two:  Walled 

By Anne Tibbets