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Whenever I crack open a book, I want to love it.  I’m not someone who loves to write a scathing review.  I don’t understand what people get out of that.  Whenever I see a review for Dawn of the Dead that starts off with, “I really don’t like zombie books,” I think to myself, why did you waste your valuable time reading a book if you knew that you wouldn’t like it?  I wanted to love Waking the Ancients, unfortunately I did not.

I’m going to have to apply my chicken and egg theory to this one.  It took me two weeks to read this book – an extraordinary amount of time.  I have to be honest, there were a lot of real life things going on that prevented me from getting more reading time in.  But at the same time, the story didn’t pull me in.  I wasn’t motivated by the characters to find the time to read.  Which was the cause and which was the symptom?  I can’t really say.

That being said, this wasn’t my first voyage into a gothic horror story by Catherine Cavendish.  She is a talented author whose stories I’ve enjoyed in the past.  I’ve no doubt that Cavendish has some other devilishly great characters up her sleeves.  Her writing is on point, I just lacked a connection with this one.

*3 Stars

Waking the Ancients

By Catherine Cavendish

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