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Waking Olivia
 By Elizabeth O'Roark

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​I am always excited when I find a new-to-me author who has written a book that has captured everything that I love about reading.  From the first page until the final page, I was completely pulled into this story and did not want to stop reading it for any reason.  Reading Waking Olivia meant that real life could wait for a little while.

This book had all of the elements that I crave when reading a romance book, and so much more.  It was a forbidden romance that was filled with tension, emotion, humor, and even suspense.  The concept of this book was unlike anything that I have read before.  As an avid reader, I am always searching for that special book that offers up something different and unique – Waking Olivia just hit all of the marks for me.

The characters that the author has created are fantastic.  Olivia is a talented track star who has transferred to a new college to make a fresh start.  She is a beautiful young woman who has a sharp tongue, a tough exterior, and a reputation for being hot-tempered.  Olivia has the potential to be a champion track star, but there is a secret that she’s keeping that is preventing her from being the best that she can be.

Will.  What’s not to like about Will?!  He is the coach of the women’s track team.  He not only works at the college, but he also runs his family’s debt-ridden farm.  While he isn’t living the life that he’s always wanted, he is living the life that he feels obligated to live.  The last thing that he needs is to be coaching a sarcastic, uncooperative, defiant girl who just personifies trouble.

The sparring that took place between Will and Olivia set the tension between them perfectly.  He didn’t back off from her terse, flippant comments and jibes.  He dished it right back at her.  Despite his frustration at her lack of respect, he couldn’t help but be drawn to Olivia and want to help her push through the barriers that were holding her back from achieving her goals.  But with committing to helping Olivia, he was also pushing the boundaries of what was considered professional under the regulations of the college…and also his girlfriend.  There was just something about Olivia that he wanted to protect and safeguard.

The relationship that developed between the characters wasn’t instantaneous.  It was a slow, gradual progression that made their chemistry and attraction that much stronger.

I loved every minute that I spent reading this book.  I am looking forward to reading more by Elizabeth O’Roark in the near future!

*5 Stars*