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I enjoyed this book! It might have started out a bit slow for me, but once I read further into it I was hooked. I found the writing to be good and I had a quite a few laugh out loud moments while I was reading it.

It is the story of a nineteen year old woman, named Avery Morgansten. She experienced something horrific five years ago and wants to escape her former life and move thousands of miles away to university. She doesn’t have very supportive parents, in fact, they are downright cold! She just wants a fresh start where nobody knows her and knows what happened to her. Unfortunately for Avery, somebody is able to find her. She receives nasty e-mails, voice mail messages and texts from someone who knows what happened five years ago.

Cameron Hamilton is the campus heart throb. He is a tall, dark haired, blue eyed, cocky flirt. He is ultimately a great guy who comes from a good family. Avery has an embarrassing first introduction to Cameron when she literally bumps right into him on her first day of class. She actually bumps into him quite a bit and soon finds out that he lives across the hall from her apartment.

They spend a lot of time hanging out together and just being friends. Oh, he’s interested in her and asks her out repeatedly. She is interested in Cameron as well, but she’s not sure if she can let herself have those feelings for him. They have an incredibly sweet friendship and their flirting and banter throughout the book is off the charts. She has secrets that she doesn’t want to reveal even to her closest friends. She wants to bury the past, but the past won’t let her. It haunts her and impedes her progress at having a normal life.

I don’t want to give too much away, but Cameron has a secret of his own that he isn’t proud of. Their relationship gets tested, secrets get revealed, and their trust in one another is questioned.

This was a very sweet romantic story that did have some pretty hot scenes in it. I think every woman deserves to have a Cam Hamilton in her life.

4 Stars

Wait For You - By J. Lynn