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Set in Louisiana, way back in 1985, three friends set off on a girls’ weekend getaway.  They are looking for some rest and relaxation; what they get is a whole lot more than what they could have conceived of.

Wayne Simmons and Andre Duza have done a masterful job of creating a classic nineteen eighties slasher flick that comes to life within the pages of a book.  It has all of the necessary elements - three attractive young women camping around a haunted lake, with enough Mary Jane to keep them comfortably numb.  They are complimented by an elderly couple who are a little bit more than they appear.  The story brought me back many years to when some of the best slasher movies were made.

I think the most important parts of any great slasher story are:  maintaining a fast pace to the story, realizing that you are going to lose a few characters between here and there, and finally, most importantly, keep the audience guessing.  Simmons and Duza did this like seasoned pros.

Then there is the “monster”.  This is a key element that sets Voodoo Child apart.  Who is the monster?  What is the monster?  How can this demon be stopped?  These are all the questions that stormed through my mind as I devoured Voodoo Child.

*​4 Stars

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Voodoo Child

By Wayne Simons & Andre Duza