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Flannery Tate is essentially a good girl. She is a good student, a good daughter, a good friend, a non-drinker…and a virgin. She wants nothing more than to get a good education so that she can be successful. She was raised by a single mother who had to work extremely hard to just be able to provide the essentials, but they got by. She was fortunate to get a scholarship to help pay for her education since her mother was unable to provide her much assistance.

Flannery is a little spitfire. She is quick witted and has a bit of a temper on her, which sometimes results in her friends getting a swift smack upside the head! She has never been in a serious relationship and has never been in love. When Cain Dorsey walks into her Communications class, she is immediately drawn to his good looks and his athletic body. Cain is instantly in her good graces when he offers her his cup of coffee early one morning.

Flannery and Cain just seem to fit together perfectly. He is kind, caring and just plain sweet. As their relationship develops, so do their feelings…and things heat- up. Flannery admits to Cain that she has never been intimate with anyone before, but he is very patient with her and is willing to take things slowly.

Everything that is good in Flannery’s life seems to come crashing down all around her when she gets the news that her scholarship fund has been depleted. She is distraught beyond words. She can’t afford to pay for her tuition on her own and she has already surpassed all of the student loan/financial assistance deadlines. She wants to be able to finish her degree and she doesn’t want to be forced to move back home and be away from Cain. What can she do to make enough money?

In a discussion with her best friend, Flannery discovers that she does have something of value, something that someone could be willing to pay a large amount of money for…her virginity. She comes to the decision that this is her last hope of being able to stay in Michigan and she takes the steps necessary to follow through with this…tsk..tsk…tsk! She keeps her romantic distance from Cain so that she can ensure that her virtue stays intact for the highest bidder. Nothing is ever going to be that easy…her boyfriend finds out in a very public forum – a frat party!

What comes after this is a lot of heartbreak, betrayal and shame. It makes you question your own scruples. What would you do in that situation? What lengths would you go to? How would you feel if it was your loved one? Could you ever forgive them? I don’t want to give any of the details away, you’ll have to read it for yourself to find out. It was a very fun and enjoyable read!

*4 Stars

Up for Grabs 
By Heather Young-Nichols