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With the first book leaving me in a state of complete shock, I was more than eager to find out what was going to become of Baylee.  This book picks right up where This is War, Baby left off…thank heavens! 

Despite their unusual start, Baylee and War had grown to love each other.  She was a calming presence amidst the turmoil in his own mind, and he was able to renew her faith that a man can be kind, gentle, and loving.  Their beginning was unconventional, but I was rooting for them right from the start.  I wanted them to find their own brand of happiness together, to help each other through the hard times, and slay each other’s demons.  Just when Baylee had been finding some semblance of peace in her new life, the very person who ripped her from her family home has taken her once again. 

This is Love, Baby is fast paced and action packed.  Just when I thought that Baylee’s life couldn’t get much worse, it did.  But Baylee isn’t a weak young woman.  With everything that she has gone through, it’s only made her stronger.  She feels the weight of all that has transpired, but she hasn’t lost her fight.  I always appreciate a strong female protagonist.

This book has more twists and turns than a winding road.  Baylee has one man who will do anything to keep her, and another who will stop at nothing to save her.  But who can she trust? 

People change. 
Secrets get revealed. 
Hearts break. 
Love conquers all.

*4 Stars


This is Love, Baby
 By K. Webster

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