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This is the final book in the Slammed series. If you haven’t read the first two books yet… then what are you waiting for? These books were wonderful and must be read in order so that you can experience the whole story of Will and Layken.

This Girl is written from Will’s point of view. I found it was a very refreshing approach and you really got into what was going on in his head during the first two novels. Will and Layken are married now and while on their honeymoon, she starts asking him some questions about the past. As with most men, they are very leery about discussing the past (afraid to get themselves in trouble). He can’t resist his new bride and so the story begins.

Will reveals feelings that he had and how he agonized over their hardships. Will always came across as such a mature and intelligent young man and this story displays his extremely vulnerable side. It was so nice to read about the way that he experienced things. Some of the things that he said may have shocked and ticked Layken off, but hey, she asked.

All in all, this book tied everything up beautifully. I was not disappointed in the way everything turned out, I was only disappointed that their story ended.

5 Stars

This Girl - By Colleen Hoover