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​I’m always on the lookout for a new and exciting book in the post-apocalyptic genre.  The Wolves of Winter jumped out at me; the cover screamed Nordic noir, another favorite genre, while the synopsis is all post-apocalyptic.  I was ready to saddle up and head north with Tyrell Johnson.

This is a genre that is fraught with challenges.  With all of the books available right now, the scenario needs to be fresh, unique and a wee bit possible.  On top of that, should the author go with a strong, young female protagonist, she has to hold her own; the last thing I want to read about is another Katniss Everdeen wannabe.

So, how did Johnson do?

The world has been ravaged by war and a man-made plague (disease).  Yes, we have seen this before.  I think that Johnson won me over with the build-up to his apocalypse.  The possibility of it seems too close for comfort.  I thought that this scenario could actually happen.

The next thing that Johnson did that worked for me was the setting.  It made sense, when the shit hits the fan – head for the hills.  The McBride family did exactly as one should, they isolated themselves.  Johnson illuminated the daily life of a family striving to get by and the realities of their existence.

No great story is complete without great characters.  While the bow-wielding Lynn McBride did seem vaguely familiar, she holds her own within the genre.  Jax, I really couldn’t connect with, however, his faithful companion, Wolf, was a favorite of mine.  Among the supporting cast, Lynn’s uncle, Jeryl, stole the show and kept me connected to the story.

The Wolves of Winter is a great first outing for Tyrell Johnson.  I had a couple of minor issues (don’t eat snow to hydrate!), but all in all I connected with the characters and felt involved in the story.  If Lynn and Jax have any more adventures, I would like to tag along.

*4 Stars

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The Wolves of Winter

By Tyrell Johnson